What is a website builder?

A website builder is a piece of software that allows you to design and build a website, normally without having to know code (HTML) and in some cases (CSS).

Benefits of using a website builder

If you are a person that does not want to use an agency or a freelancer, then a website builder may be the answer to launching your website.

  • A DIY approach, meaning you can work when you want
  • Full control of design and branding
  • Choose from ready-made themes
  • Edit and update a ready-made theme, customising to suit your needs
  • Relatively low cost to launch your website
  • Many website builders provide hosting and other services to help minimise learning curves
  • There can be online support and documentation available, all in one place, this will of course vary from provider to provider
  • You can ask agencies or freelancers to use a website builder to reduce budgets and costs

Put simply, a website builder can help launch a website quickly without a need to how to code through; by using ready-made designs or in some instances being able to apply your own designs through their drag, drop, point and click systems.

Drag, drop, point, and click website builders

Website builders often allow a user to design, build, and launch using drag, drop, point, and click actions. This means the user can :

  • Edit the website header and footer
  • Add or remove sliders, forms, or widgets
  • Add extra functions like chat, pop-ups, scarcity, sign up forms, etc
  • Create different versions, themes, pages, and posts
  • Sell online with pre-configured payment integrations
  • Import inventory or connect to shopping feeds
  • Connect or integrate social media feeds

Recommended website builders

There’s a lot of website builders available and most say they are the best! To be fair, if you select a website builder based on objectives then you can narrow down the many to a few. Below we list our recommendations :

Wix website builder

What is it : website builder on a budget.
How : This is an online solution, you’ll build your website using their hosting space and benefit from a secure SSL website.
Opinion : Very easy, very quick and aimed those who want a quick solution to launch their business online.
What we like : a substantial range of templates, great support and easy to understand pricing that fits most budgets. Over 500 pre made designer templates, drag and drop editing, mobile consideration or led, even choose your domain and allocate in the set up process. Wix has made the complex process of domain, design, coding, hosting, security and email a breeze. Pricing starts from just £3 per month.
Find out more about Wix

IONIS website builder

What is it: UK website builder on a budget, part of 1 & 1.
How: Design and build your website using their hosting space, benefit from secure SSL website and email.
Opinion: UK company has proven worth for providing telephone support and potentially more aligned to business use.
What we like: From just £1 per month, website creator and other services to review and ‘grow into’. We view IONIS as a hosting and solutions company with a website builder, for many they can offer a ‘ all in one solution’ with the security of being a large established dot com business themselves.

Find out more about IONIS

Elementor website builder

What is it: Is a piece of software, you will need your own hosting such as Bluehost or Hostgator.
How: Upload the basic WP framework using FTP or Cpanel (or hire a freelancer if you are unsure) then add Elementor and start building your website!
Opinion: One of the easiest website builders available providing themes and compatible plugins. This website uses Elementor
What we like: Low entry price starting from $49, extensive but easy to read support files, and a true online editing code less website builder.

Find out more about Elementor. Hosting your own website can potentially give you more options or future-proofing, it’s slightly more expensive but puts you in the driving seat.

If you want a WordPress solution, Elementor can give you access to a well-coded, maintained framework, builder, and solution plus the advantage of being able to tap into the powerhouse of WP plugins for extending functions, digital marketing, and optimisation.