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Bitrixa specialises in :

  • Website development including WordPress
  • Mobile and responsive website design, code, development
  • Bespoke web works, ask us for a quote

Bitrixa Limited is an established  UK company registered with Company House under Companies Act 2006 (Company No. 11188018).


We proudly hold the one of the TOP Seller badge placings on a number of freelancer websites including People Per Hour. 


With over 1,500 PPH projects delivered, success is built on experience across, web development, apps, custom software development, server, testing and UAT. You can find more about our freelance services at


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Location and sector experience

Based in UK and able to serve any company or organisation anywhere in the UK or internationally. 11+ years of commercial experience waiting for you!



A broad range of commercial skills including :

  • Bespoke website design solutions
  • WordPress Management
  • Enterprise application software development
  • Cross platform mobile apps
  • Native mobile apps
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Bitrixa is a one-of-a-kind company which provides the largest range of digital services using widest range of technologies.


Bitrixa  has served over 5,000 clients globally and has completed over 27,000 projects successfully with an estimated 30.2 Lac man-hours. 

Bitrixa’s technical strength is our ability to move with speed and accuracy , we are equipped with the right expertise to give you the best result every time.

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Bitrixa Limited
Bitrixa limited
Bitrixa limited
Bitrixa portfolio - recommended digital freelancer
Bitrixa limited
Bitrixa limited
Bitrixa limited
Bitrixa limited portfolio - recommended freelancer
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Bitrixa portfolio - recommended digital
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Bitrixa limited - recommended freelancer
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Recommended Digital - Bitrixa
Bitrixa portfolio - recommended freelancer
Bitrixa portfolio - recommended
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Bixtrixa limited
Bitrixa limited


Client recommendations : verified by

“Excellent freelancer, the communication was brilliant, delivered so fast and what was most impressive was the result gained from the optimisation. I’d highly recommend this service for improving WordPress performance and look forward to using Matt’s services again”  Robert 


Excellent work will be back for more!
– Mabel 


Work is Perfect!!! Money well spent.
– US Client 

recommended freelancer

Editor recommendation :

Matt and the team are a pleasure to speak with on the phone and via email. 



Communication is second to none and like many experienced freelancers there are wide scoping skills and experience directly and through an extensive network. 



We highly recommend Bitrixa as a recommended freelancer for their maintained abilities to deliver, time and time again meeting a wide scope of project deliverables across design, development, code, customisation, apps and more. 


Clearly, their success is based on adhering to quality client delivery, the understanding of IT infrastructure and excellent customer service.



You can view more information on their company website.