Designing a brand that is liked, admired, and respected is incredibly difficult, but there is design software available that can help you design your company branding well and in less than sixty seconds.

If you cannot wait weeks or months and are on a budget then we have your answer, Tailor Brands is an online branding tool. Browse the service here, draft a logo for free, try before you buy!

Brand design in sixty seconds

Harry’s Deli isn’t a real business, but it goes to show that in less than sixty seconds you can create and apply branding to real-life scenarios!

Here’s what we did in 60 seconds.

Harrys Deli at Tailor Brands

A selection of logos (seen in the column were created) and applied to a wide range of scenarios.

Harrys Deli Brand design

Harrys Deli branding design

Harry's Deli Branding experiment

Tailor Brands

If you’re worried about the cost of such clever branding software you are going to be in for a very nice surprise. A logo could cost you as little as £2.99 per month and you’ll get access to social media tools, a website builder, and a lot more, billed annually. There’s a range of pricing and options to suit pretty much all budgets.

Tailor Brands pricing for branding

Let’s take a look at how easy you can map our your branding for free.

Easy to start a brand design

Enter your brand name a few details…

Tailor Brands enter your brand name

provide a few details…

Harry's Deli Description for Tailor Brands

make a few simple choices

Simple Brand choices by Tailor Brands

Easy to choose

and boom! your branding comes to life through a simple grid panel allowing you to pick, mix, and choose.

Easy branding by Tailor Brands

Start your brand design

Once you’ve made a selection, you simply need to sign up to use the software fully and get access to the hi res formats and other features.

Choosing your brand design

Remember the low res demo they show you will not work well, you’ll need the hi-res and other formats for your brand imagery to work.

brand design features

Get access to great functions and features starting from £2.99 per, month. Give Tailor Brands a try, we highly recommend them.

World famous brands

Famous brands didn’t happen by accident, they are memorable and normally have an association or meaning within the design that the audience can understand. Here are a few examples :

We’ll start with Google, shall we?

Google branding

Which has gone through amazing brand subtle changes over the years.

Google brand updates

We do think its great they moved away from their original idea to call the search engine ‘ back rub’.

Pepsi is a brand having a bold approach, known by its simple colours alone. It also has changed over the years…

Pepsi brand design

from the early years to a modern design…

Pepsi branding

Shell also has a striking brand that is instantly recognisable internationally for its simple design and effective brand colours.

Shell logo

Shell branding design

Whats a brand worth?

If you ever wanted to know how much a brand is worth then you may be quite surprised to learn that some brands are worth billions.

Brand valuations

and some industries are worth significantly more

brand industry valuations

Big brands all start from small beginnings. Clever branding coupled with innovation, and dedication are the ingredients for the recipe for success.

Clever branding and design tips

  • Brand design need not be complex, but it must resonate
  • Who are your target Audience
  • What are your companies values
  • Understand your company’s personality
  • Can you incite emotion through colour or shape
  • What is the simplest design to convey your message
  • Can your chosen brand design be consistent across the web, social, print, and all mediums your audience are found across