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If you have questions that are not covered by this website or Frequently Asked Questions section below then please use the web form in the first instance, this is normally the quickest way to get answers to general questions.  


frequently asked questions

Submissions are being accepted at this time by our editors.  All submissions are reviewed manually. recommend high quality agencies, freelancers and software. To be listed means that our editor has recommended the individual or organisation based on quality, use, delivery and many other factors.

A new or established freelancer or agency can apply. Our editors are looking for quality, experience, innovation and approach to markets.

Yes, in principle. Any UK or US based (or serving that area) agency of freelancer meeting the listing criteria.

Yes, there is a cost for using the badge and our service.

Please view our terms of service web page.

In these uncertain times clients want to their choice is right. Recommendations count. 

Be independently reviewed and accredited by, use an accreditation badge on your website, proposals, portfolio or business cards.

Be published in our index and have a web page about your freelancer business or agency. This includes links back to your website.  

No. There is an annual fee to pay for using this service, you will need to subscribe to retain the benefits of your listing, use of badge and or published freelancer or agency details.

All editor positions are currently filled. 

If you would like to suggest a partnership we would be pleased to hear from you. In the first instance, please use the contact page on this website.

Please view our privacy policy web page.

FAQ at recommended digital

accreditation badge questions

When you have been approved by in writing you will be able to use your digital badge on your :

Website, social media, portfolio, tender and bid documents, business cards and other client facing documents. 

The recommended digital badge can link to your web page on

Yes, this website is featured in Google, Bing and many other search engines. 


recommended.digiatal will send you an email with instructions for publishing your web page content and link(s). 

Many agencies and freelancers choose to link their webpage to their agency or freelancer website – it’s completely your choice. 

Yes. However it must meet our editorial guidelines and standards.

Yes, you can highlight on your website that you have been recommended and link to your agency or freelancer accreditation web page – it’s completely your choice.

Yes. All requests to edit content in the future must meet our editorial guidelines and standards though. 

Yes, a third party can nominate your agency. This can be with or without your knowledge and via the submit an agency form found on this website. 

Your nomination, if succesful would only be applied if you agree due to their being an annual fee required.

Yes, a third party can nominate your freelancer business. This can be with or without your knowledge and via the submit an agency form found on this website. 

Your nomination, if succesful would only be applied if you agree due to their being an annual fee required.

New badges are issued at intervals on a annual basis. 

Yes, you can show prospects and clients that you are a recommended agency in your agency documents. 

Our editors will review your website, business information and may call the business to validate. This process is variable and depends on how easily we find your:

– business name published
– business website
– social media accounts
– existing reviews
– company accounts (if applicable)
– company house information (if applicable)
– A UK phone number 

The editors decision is final, they will have reviewed the application and decided that the individual or agency has met or exceeded the listing and approval criteria. 

For instance, a small number of subjective reviews may still allow an application to be approved.

Providing an equal opportunity for both new and existing agencies and freelancers is observed; a smaller portfolio will not be viewed adversely etc. 

Recommended digital

other commonly asked questions

Due to COVID-19 does not operate from a traditional office base.

Virtual meetings will be available in the future, currently telephone meetings are available by request.

At this time UK and US agencies and freelancers are being recommended. In some situations will accept an agency or freelancer that serves these locations.

Yes. The website will be updated in the future to accomodate other regions and countries,

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