What is a digital framework?

Digital frameworks typically refers to a code library used to facilitate the development of a theme. A simple way of describing this would be to visualise a library where code resides, that becomes the theme of your website holding specific functionality.

Examples of free framework

WordPress (WP) itself is a framework, you can read more about the nonprofit WP GNPU framework here .

There are examples of framework that is built ‘on top’ using WP, such as Genesis for example.

Often, framework led by commercial organisations provides different opportunities and are better suited for businesses and digital marketing efforts.

Framework updates

The WP community release patch, minor and major updates to the framework, where as many commercial led organisations provide planned updates for it’s library of themes following a specific company plan.

These updates form-critical security for your website theme and content, without a framework update websites, become vulnerable.

Often, a paid for framework will have a different approach to security and a much smaller digital footprint making them less favourable for targeting.

Commercial frameworks

Are an established development company providing Genesis framework that powers it’s WP themes. Many of these themes are an ideal starting point for agency use, business start-ups, and relaunching an existing WP website theme.

Recommended digital

Frameworks, themes, page builders, and plugin collections

Making decisions around frameworks often makes choosing themes, page builders, and plugins a much easier task. Your framework can be the ‘foundation’ of your digital footprint. An example would be :

Framework: StudioPress Genesis
Page Builder Theme: Dynamik to build your own themes
Ready-Made Theme: StudioPress market place

Updating your framework

Updating your framework is just as important as updating your website theme and plugins, eventually (or sometimes sooner than you think), your framework, theme, and plugins will become conflicted through out of date version controls, leading to updates being unable to implement, or worse still finding reduced functionality to your website content.

Managing updates and backups

Any developer would always advise of backing up your website before implementing any framework update.

  • Be careful to have your customisations saved
  • Be aware an update may conflict with your theme
  • Be aware an update may conflict with your plugins

A bad update could rob your website of the customised CSS, break the theme, or stop plugins from working correctly. It’s this reason why choosing an all-in-one website builder has merits.

You’ve probably realised that having a robust back up plan is needed if you value your website, often this it is better to use a third party solution, there are many to choose from, we recommend :

  • Can you recommend a backup service?