Recommended D.I.Y website design

Designing your own website, Do It Yourself (D.I.Y) style is entirely possible due to the website design builders available., you can save time, money, and put yourself in charge! Be careful though, some are not quite as robust, easy to use, or future proof as others…

Website design page builder

At this time we recommend Elementor as a website design and page builder software. It’s unique click, point, drag, drop WYSIWYG editor makes designing web pages a breeze. You can read about Elementor or buy it here.

Elementor DIY website design

Elementor page designer

Many WYSIWYG builders suffer from a ‘delay’ from clicking to visualising the ‘edit’, but not so with Elementor the editor is lightning fast and makes the experience of image and text handling so easy.

Elementor CMS editing
Three USPs that make Elementor a difference-maker.

Elementor Theme builder design

Design features

Elementor lets you design your entire site from one screen with full site editing even including the header, footer and content.

full site editing

  • An interface that lets you control the navigator, copy/paste, copy style, and more
  • Workflow finder, lets you go from anywhere, to anywhere, reach any Elementor web page from wherever you like on your site
  • Revision history, so you can always retrace your page edits and previous work.
  • AutoSave, Redo & Undo, never lose work again!
  • Draft mode edit, this clever feature lets you work on drafts
  • Save elements as section or page templates and easily re-use
  • Global and page design controls is a snap

Streamline Your Design Process

Elementor website theme

Marketing functions

Elementor is not a one-trick pony, it takes a leadership role for your marketing efforts helping position your brand correctly.

Elementor Marketing theme functions

Anyone can build a website, but getting search engine traffic and real people to them is entirely different. Elementor position your website for better content marketing, conversion, and social engagement.

  • PPC landing pages with the drag and drop editor and templates
  • Pop up designer and builder, looks awesome, is awesome!
  • Build forms visually, makes it a better UX experience
  • Integrations with mailchimp, active campaign, sales force and many others
  • Widget driven marketing process to make things a snap!

WP pop up designer

Widget driven marketing

Theme designer/builder

Game changer, design visually, real time and D.I.Y – it’s unlikely you will have to hire a graphic designer, especially if you are using Envato for stock library images.

Game Changer WYSIWYG theme designer

  • Customise templates on your site for header, footer, single, archive, product, and more!
  • Designing your theme both visually & dynamically
  • Set your designed templates for specific conditions like categories or posts
  • Every widget you’ll ever likely need!

Theme control by widgets

pop up designer / builder

A bad pop up can cause havoc with bounce rates and destroy user experience, often pop-ups don’t quite ‘match’ the look and feel of the website design as they are third party software. It’s this reason we are so impressed with the versatile pop-up builder integrated into the Elementor software.

pop up designer software

pop up design software

True to heart, Elementor have applied a range of functions to the pop up element, this is makes it a gamer changer!

Set conditions Choose which pages and posts to show pop ups

  • Entire website
  • Include / exclude pages
  • Archives
  • Posts
  • Search Pages
  • Woo Commerce product pages

Set triggers Choose what actions will ‘set off / activate’ your pop up

  • When a page is loaded
  • When a person clicks
  • When a person scrolls
  • When a person has exit intent
  • When a person scrolls to an element
  • After a time of inactivity

Advanced rules are what set this apart from many other pop up software

  • Activate after XYZ page views
  • Activate after XYZ page sessions
  • Activate for a specific device
  • Hide for logged in sessions
  • Activate when a user enters the site through a specific web page
  • Activate to launch only for a specific number of times
  • Activate for specific events such as referrals from a search engine or a specific URL / web page

The pop up builder can easily integrate with other marketing platforms such as mail chimp, active campaign and hubspot.

Woo commerce (WC) builder

Being able to design your eCommerce store the way you want it is a big deal. In fact, for most, it’s a make or break. Elementor provides you with single product templates you can design visually, all without having to touch coding.

ecommerce page design

Couple your design with clever widgets for upsells, related products, five-star reviews, product ratings, breadcrumbs, product stock, and much more.

ecommerce widget functions

Why do people choose Elementor for their ecommerce WP website?

  • You can build your store the way you want it
  • Design a shopping experience your way
  • Add products anywhere on your website through widgets
  • Extended Support options
  • Comprehensive woo commerce solution


Elementor widgets

There are more widgets than you can swing a cat! Using widgets resolves the need to handle code and coupled with the powerful editing and styling editor your website will not only look great but have the right functions to wow!

Elementor widgets

Elementor widget options

Elementor theme widgets

woo commerce widget functions

Buy Elementor

Buy the Elementor website design theme here for a one-off price. Get the theme immediately and you can start your D.I.Y website design project.

Let’s make it happen!