Trying to manage Facebook marketing manually is like trying to eat soup with chopsticks. You need effective Facebook marketing solutions not new problems!

Social Pilot

We recommend Social Pilot – a simple & cost effective social media marketing tool for businesses, teams and agencies. Ask for a free trial.

Social Pilot

In a nutshell

  • Solutions for social management and Facebook ads
  • Custom Facebook branding features for configuring your account
  • Content scheduling and social analytic tool
  • White label option available
  • Bring all of your social media platforms under one management dashboard / account
  • Supports a maximum of 200 social media accounts
  • Bulk uploading of content and social media calendar for automations
  • Browser extension (for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari), mobile (Android and iOS) apps and much, much more…
  • From $30 per month, free demo available

Facebook for businesses

Here’s a problem many businesses can relate to…

Five employees all posting whatever and whenever they want (representing the business)… is a problem…So how about ten employee’s, or what about twenty employees and different departments!

It’s no wonder that some businesses have been shy to embrace publishing to Facebook.

Well no more!

Social Pilot provides a platform to co-ordinate social media conversations and messaging. Bringing your entire team’s social publishing, reporting, and engaging activities to one single dashboard to save time, energy & effort.

open for social media

Facebook for teams

Assign team (employees) members with publishing privileges, enable managers or content creators to lead workflow for new content creation and scheduling. Invite third parties such as agencies or freelancers into your team, review their new content….and all before it gets published.

  • Assign roles to your teams (employees, agencies or influencers)
  • Have line of sight to your social posting content
  • Delegate social writing or commenting tasks to your team
  • Get trackable ‘buy in’ from the entire company, team, contacts etc
  • Get your social media strategy and then be able to implement it
  • Get a free demo of Social Pilot

Facebook for agencies

With the Social Pilot dashboard you can manage multiple client social accounts. Impress clients with a wide serving ability of posting to :

  • Facebook
  • TiqTok
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest
  • Google my Business (GmB)
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIN

With easy team collaboration tools for publishing, reporting, engaging and all under a white label – all in one – powerful dashboard.

multi platform social media posting

white label Social Media Management Platform

The white label management programme helps agencies deliver a professional seamless experience to clients using your brand on deliverables and not Social Pilot’s. Ask for a demo. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

testimonial for social pilot

social media publishing

  • Engage, influence and boost post content with customise posts specific to the platform requirements and quirks.
  • Maximise social mentions with effortless tagging of pages, posts and people
  • Maximise Facebook and LinkedIN carousel posting opportunities

Social media scheduling

Simplify social posting with Social Pilot. Cool features to make lie easier.

  • Let the power of the scheduler ‘schedule’ for you
  • Management approval ‘safety’ options
  • Improve workflow with set privileges and access levels

managing your social media calendar

seriously powerful social media calendar planner

  • Social Media Planner: Month, Week, Day View
  • Filter Content Calendar Using Accounts & Group
  • Reschedule Posts Easily With Your Editorial Calendar
  • Easily Share Your Evergreen Content

Visual and designed to maximise your time the planner helps you better schedule and distribute your best social content

manage your best social

bulk scheduling

Planning your content in advance and scheduling a content calendar is what the pros do. Here’s how you can do it too.

Easy, peasy scheduling of up to 500 posts makes sure that you’ll never miss posting at the times that your audience is online and reading fresh content.

  • Bulk upload social media posts
  • Bulk upload with images
  • Review your posts with post planner function
  • Map posts to social media accounts
  • CSV import / export or dashboard
  • Use IDs to easy peasy distribute your content
  • Edit scheduled posts with manage post functions

content curation

You know when you don’t know what to write about? This is when you need content curation! It can help you build new social content ideas.

The great news is that Social Pilot has a cool content curation function in their social software.

Free Trial Social Media Management

  • Brainstorm cool ideas for yours or clients accounts
  • Always be able to show new ideas, you’ll never run out!
  • Discover new trending content
  • Both content curation & scheduling tools in single dashboard
  • Stop paying for Quuu or Buzzfeed (this does it)
  • Grow social keyword and reach new audiences
  • Most importantly, save your valuable time!

Content curation

RSS feeds automation

RSS feeds are great because they let you distribute and share content from others in a automated and timely fashion. RSS feeds can be tricky to implement and schedule as “you’ want them though!

Social Pilot has come up with a great solution to sharing RSS feeds automatically with scheduling and hash tags (#) to help reach the audiences you need.

Watch this video below for insights to using tags with RSS feeds for better social reach.

browser extension

The social pilot browser extension will be a massive time saver for you! Post content to your FB and Twitter audiences in seconds, with just one click!

One click posting for social media

collaboration software

Ask for a trial or a demo and see how to get the best from the Social Pilot management and team collaboration tools.

Facebook ads

Using Social Pilot to manage your organic social media does not need to stop there, integrated into the dashboard is a FB Ads management tool for :

  • Enhance users Facebook experience
  • Give your social media content a boost
  • Target audiences with personas
  • Simplify Ad spending
  • Controls over Ad parameters

Managing Ad performance for multi client and multi campaigns is well placed using this tool. When your targets demand RoAS (return on ad spend) then using this tool will likely make setting up campaigns easier and quicker.

Social analytics

social analytics

Getting an accurate assessment of your social analytics need not be a complicated matter.

Social Pilot Analytics are held within the dashboard and will provide you with insights for :


  • What did and didn’t work
  • Increase strategy
  • Audience insights
  • What impact your content has

Social Pilot free demo

We give Social Pilot five stars! Ask them for a free demo of their social media management software.