Universal App Campaigns (UAC) are the only way to run ads dedicated to promoting app installs or app engagement in Google Ads. While most of this campaign type is controlled by Google (targeting and bidding), there are many elements of a Universal App Campaign the advertiser can control. This video will go over one example of an app campaign in Google Ads. You’ll get a full understanding of what this campaign type can do, where your app ads can appear, and how you can evaluate the performance of the Universal App Campaigns to make proper optimization decisions.

0:34 – Choosing the Proper Campaign Objectives
1:11 – Promoting App Preregistration or for Open Testing (Android Only)
2:14 – Choosing Your Mobile App Platform & Choosing Your App
2:35 – Adjusting Universal Mobile App Campaign Settings
3:13 – UAC Bidding Settings & Optimizations
5:01 – Network & Targeting Settings with Universal App Campaigns
6:32 – Creating Ads in UAC Campaigns
7:30 – Image Dimensions in App Campaigns
9:05 – Using Videos in Universal App Campaigns
9:59 – Previewing Possible Ad Combinations Across UAC Placements
11:39 – Reviewing Universal App Campaign Ad Unit Performance
12:55 – Conversion Tracking in Universal App Campaigns

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