Find out how to get better Google my Business (GmB) results. We recommend Local Viking.

Google my Business (GmB)

Google my Business (GmB) is a free account provided by Google for businesses.

Did you know? Just the top thee (3) GmB results are seen in the top search engine ranking results. The remaining listings receive substantially less traffic and business enquiries.

GmB has become critically important for businesses that serve local businesses and consumers. Mobile devices love displaying GmB results!

If you want to increase the number of people that find your business on Google my Business and Google Maps we recommend reviewing Local Viking.

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Scary GmB facts

  • A maximum of just three businesses secure a page 1 ranking in “three pack” from those competing

    Google my Business - 3 Pack
  • The example map (like in nearly all instances is not correct) there were actually 260 Accountants in Birmingham (13 pages x 20 listings) or serving the ‘Birmingham area’ trying to get a top ranking in GmB

    20 listings per page
  • Many businesses do not know how to win good reviews and what to do when a bad review happens
  • Many businesses are not aware of being able to post a link to their website via GmB
  • Many businesses are not aware of the What’s New, Event, Offer and Product posting options
    Many businesses are not aware of the CTA’s available including
    Book, Order Online, Buy, Learn More, Sign Up, Get Offer, Call Now

A GmB study by Moz found some scary stats :

  • 40.4% of GmB accounts have never created a post
  • 42.1% of businesses made at least one post
  • Just 17.5% of businesses had an active post in the last 7 days

If just 17% of businesses are actively using GmB for local search engine rankings, it would suggest GmB is the new local SEO.

We think Local Viking offers a solution to managing a business or client GMB accounts, content, reporting and ranking.

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Local GmB listings and rankings

local listing and GmB rankings

Knowing which locations you rank for and for what words is the most important rule with GmB. When you know these facts you can plan your content and GmB account updates.

  • Local Viking breaks down the postcode areas you rank for, literally down to street level.
  • Breaks down your rankings for 3 pack listings
  • Breaks down your rankings for positions
  • Easy to read, visual reporting
  • A low monthly cost from just $20

You can find out more about Local Viking here and schedule a demo.

GMB Google ranking

When we reviewed the local listing GmB providers Local Viking become our favourite due to :

– Easy to use software including 1 click Geo targeting
– A proven background and expert support available
– Grid software visualising the ‘true’ local rankings of your keywords
– Extensive pricing options, meaning multi location business software is priced as low as $2.13 per month

If you have only just started reviewing your GmB approach we would encourage you to read this recommendation in full, however if you are an agency or freelancer then you find more direct answers on Local Viking.

Google reviews

Getting a Google review is great. Oddly enough though many businesses do not reply to good or bad reviewers! Since Google ceased G+ the GmB platform is it’s main social platform where users can interact with each other.

Local Viking has a system in place where you can manage your reviews easily.

Google review management software

  • SMS and email notifications on new reviews so you never miss a chance to respond to reviews
  • Get better processes to encourage new reviews via URL referral links
  • Respond to reviews via dashboard, great for managing multi location GmB accounts

GmB business Listing management

GmB management

Manage all of your Google listings in one easy to use dashboard via Local Viking.

  • View your Google My Business property insights from all of your accounts directly from your Local Viking dashboard
  • Quickly and easy location data editing across all of your accounts
  • Create any GmB post type in dashboard or bulk upload posts via CSV (game changer)

Being able to schedule and bulk upload GmB posts means you can keep fresh new content publishing every day and as you may know Google loves fresh new content!

Google my Business tool

What happens when a competitor or for a malicious reason a person attempts to suggest user edits to your account such as :

  • Report your business is closed
  • Suggest they are the owner and not you
  • Suggest your business information is not accurate
  • Suggest new business phone numbers and addresses in error or by malicious nature

Many accounts have no protection at all, where as Local Viking provide


Defending your account and helping alert you to spammers or worse still approved Google local guide accounts that are issuing incorrect suggestions to Google such as :

  • Telling Google your business has closed
  • Suggesting to Google your opening hours have changed
  • Suggesting inappropriate images to your gallery
  • Suggesting to Google a new Pin marker location
  • Worst, is influencing / changing category that can seriously impact your GmB rankings

Here’s what ART can do for your GmB account.

“I “lock” down the attributes of your GMB, which you can configure and customize inside of your LV dash. Then if someone tries and changes it you will get a notification. Even better, with my proprietary reversion technology, if one of the changes does get through, I will go change it back to the default setting programmatically”
ART, Local Viking

Schedule and automate your GmB content

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Local Viking Google my Business solutions
  • Schedule, Interlink, and syndicate Your GmB content
  • Manage and automate one or hundreds of accounts
  • Ensure consistent posting

Scheduling posts means you can :

  • Plan offers, events and sales and then implement
  • A/B test content across different accounts
  • Engage with users and customers
  • Access free search engine traffic

Map and local rankings tracking

When someone says they found you on page 1 of Google what did the mean?

  • Page 1 of Google maps on their mobile device?
  • Page 1 of Google 3 Pack (GmB)?
  • Page 1 of Googles organic search engine results?
  • Something else?

Maybe not quite on your radar til now, but mobile phone rankings are proximate. This means that a mobile phone user that making a Google search query while based in Birmingham seeking a Birmingham based business is likely to get different results to a person who was, say in London.

The Google local search algorithim still places high priority to Proximate, Relevance, Authority (PRA). Local Viking helps by cutting through the noise to show you :

Google my Business ranking and tracking

Watch the video to see how it’s done 🙂

Google my Business ranking video

  • Track local rankings for organic search engine ranking
  • Track GmB (3 pack) rankings for local search ranking
  • Track mobile and desktop rankings
  • Location based targeting!

Google my Business image management

Q : When is an image not an image?
A : When it’s a Google my Business gallery image!

We mean this is jest but there is much more to gain if you plan and manage your Google my Business images properly.

  • The order your images are seen
  • The data from the file names
  • EXIF data management
  • The keywords or GEO data seen or not seen in the files

Optimising images for Google my Business

Google operate on a First In, First out (FIFO) basis so to this end manually managing your GmB images is quite old school. Watch the video below to see how it’s done by visiting this webpage.

GmB image optimisation

It is no big secret that Google uses image metadata (called EXIF) that is generated by the device when the image was captured or adjusted during the publishing proccess.

Google made it harder to optimised GEO by removing the geo-tagging features from inside of a GmB dashboard years ago so now managing the image EXIF data is critically important if you want to suggest locations to Google. This is particualy useful for example if you were taking photos of your Accountancy Office in Birmingham and wanted to rank higher in GmB results for phrases such as ‘Accountants in Birmingham’ .

The Local Viking system removes some of the guess work from the image management process and helps ensure your data by being pushed directly through an API so you can rest assured your image optimisation efforts have not been in vain!

Google my Business Agency software

The Local Viking software is aimed towards all types of users, but its important to highlight that you can use their software and services for

  • 1 Google my business account
  • 100’s of Google my business accounts and locations
  • There is a Done for You (DFY) service option where they manage your GmB account for you
  • There is a self service account where you have a dashboard and manage yourself

The service is suitable for digital agencies looking for multi client software with reporting, corporate and brands to sole traders looking for smart ways to work.

GmB recommendation

From the current GmB software providers we highly recommend Local Viking, as them for a free demo

Google my Business automation demonstration