LinkedIn marketing software helps you get better results.
Great LinkedIn marketing software is a game changer.

We recommend Dux Soup for their innovative approach to helping sales professionals generate better, more qualified leads via LinkedIn. Want to up your game?

They’ve been at this since 2015, ammasing some seriously good results and testimonials.

Basically, the Dux Soup approach provides the ability to connect, influence and positions your company as the right prospect for your customers needs even before your competitors are even off the starting blocks.

Gain back your lost time and start working smart.

Dux Soup

Dux-Soup automatically views your LinkedIn prospect profiles, endorses their skills, follows their LinkedIn activity and sends personalised messages on your behalf.

Then, you can also set up automated LinkedIn drip lead campaigns to your prospects, that stops automatically when a prospect responds.

Dux Soup recommended LinkedIn Saas

Dux Soup background

Dux Soup testimonials

Back in 2015 founder Will van der Sanden realised he was spending waaay too much time obtaining, compiling and managing qualified contacts from LinkedIn. His focus needed to be on nurturing prospects through the sales process and winning more business. Put simply, Will knew he needed to work smarter to grow faster.

Dux Soup pricing

Normally “nothing” gets you very little however in this case you can get set up with Dux Soup with no cost.

Dux Soup pricing

Pay monthly or annually (annualised price shown monthly in above example). Depending on what level you decide to join will depend on what features and functions you get, below we the Turbo account.

What you get

  • Find Prospects
  • Support for LinkedIn Standard & Business+
  • Support for Sales Navigator
  • Support for Recruiter Lite
  • Upload your own list of profiles
  • Visit based on previously downloaded CSV
  • Auto-view profiles
  • Invite with personalised message
  • Auto-message 1st degree connections
  • Auto-InMail any profile
  • Auto-endorse connections—
  • Auto-skip previously visited profiles
  • Take notes with any profile
  • Tag any profile
  • Search tagged profiles
  • Auto-tag profiles
  • Auto-save to PDF
  • Filter ‘Influencers’, ‘Premium Members’, ‘Job Seekers’,  ‘Open Link members’, ‘CRM imports’
  • Filter Tagged Profiles, Profiles Already Visited in the past X days
  • Filter based on a Custom pattern
  • Record Profile data and log automated actions in Zapier/HubSpot
  • Trigger profile visits and Actions from Zapier/HubSpot
  • Receive LinkedIn messages in Zapier/HubSpot—
  • Receive connection acceptance notifications in Zapier/HubSpot
  • Target previously tagged profiles
  • Target previously tagged profiles
  • Send automatic follow-ups in LinkedIn
  • Set up a LinkedIn ‘drip’ campaign with delays of up to 31 days
  • Automatically halt a campaign upon reply from the prospect
  • Easily list profiles that have replied, for manual follow up
  • No reliance on Zapier

Phew, thats a long list!

It’s great to know that Dux Soup have your back with free or paid training and troubleshooting.

LinkedIn training and support

Linkedin marketing support training

Comprehensive support available backed also with knowledge base to ensure that the help you need is there.

LinkedIn marketing support

If you’ve been using LinkedIn for some time it’s likely you’ll pick this up very quickly, if you are a complete beginner why not take the free version to begin with. There’s lots of options at hand to ensure

Lead generation

Lastly, there is a lot of LinkedIn software that comes and goes. Much goes out of date quickly or runs into problems with the platform. Dux Soup have taken a more quality approach and this has set them to become one of the leading lead generation software providers.

Is it time to change how you are approaching your Linkedin Lead Generation?