There are many logo design software options available we’ve taken a different approach to source a recommended logo design; we set a strict criteria of :

  • Can be used without an internet connection
  • A one-off price and not a subscription
  • Is less than £30 (less than $40)
  • Can be used by anyone regardless of their graphic design ability
  • Options for a substantial variety of pre-made templates
  • Can be used for logo design and other design tasks
  • Provide easy to use animation tools as well as a static design

There was one clear winner that is proven, low cost, versatile and that could be used by a beginner or a graphic designer. You’ll be very surprised at what this powerful logo design software can do!

recommended logo design

With this criteria applied we recommend :

Laughing Bird logo design software

This unique software is run by a husband and wife team, from small beginnings it’s grown into a truly unique logo design software business.

“way back in 2001, Marc Sylvester created the very first logo design software, The Logo Creator. He and his business partner (and wife!), Lisa, have spent the years since updating and developing new software out of their home while raising 3 kids and attempting to keep it all together!”
Laughing Bird Software

  • Visually led logo design software
  • Drag, drop, click point
  • Create amazing logos on the fly
  • Create mascots, characters, and marketing memes
  • Create social media graphics in seconds
  • Search from over 50,000 high-quality stock photos 
  • Select from over 800 stunning new fonts from Google 
  • Remove an image’s background
  • Increase the Creator’s Canvas to 10,000 x 10,000 pixels! Great for creating your own t-Shirt designs or desktop wallpapers
  • Create animated images with moving backgrounds! 

Logo design

Laughing Bird graphic design software, $37

Laughing Bird took a different approach to software for designing logos and at the heart of their business, they wanted to support creatives, webmasters, and entrepreneurs alike.

Go to the website to buy or find out more at Laughing Bird Software

Graphics Creator 8

Multi purpose graphic design software

Creator 8 is the name of the software, aptly named as it’s going to help you create graphics and animations for your logo, brand, website, social media, tee-shirts, and so on. Unlike other software, you’ll find ‘real-life’ over the shoulder application training!

Once you have the Creator 8 software, then you choose from additional theme templates and tap into thousands of hours of graphic design templates from just $27 or create your own graphics using Creator 8.

graphic design software training

You’ll learn how to use graphic design Creator 8 for things like :

  • Sell other people’s products via affiliate marketing
  • How to create new marketing content from old articles
  • Increase engagement with characters on your Business Cards
  • Focus on video storytelling to gain more customers
  • Create and share premium marketing content
  • Make short videos for social media to get better engagement
  • Make more money: find out what your audience wants
  • How to stand out with motion graphics backgrounds
  • Social Media Analytics: how to use them to grow your business
  • How to use your brand to promote yourself
  • How to share content on social media to grow your business
  • How to use motion graphics to grow your business

…and more! This training resource alone, is, in our opinion worth x 10 of the cost of Creator 8 and if want or need a logo design, web banners, YT animations, YouTube video design, mascots, characters, social media memes – this is what you’ve been looking for.

How Laughing Bird logo design software works

The software is easy to use with drag, drop, click, and point being the main actions to create beautiful graphics.

Simply use a starting point template and edit the graphics by choosing from the library or uploading new images, edit the text on the fly!

graphic design made easy

Add new image layers and change colours or even remove backgrounds, all in seconds.

easy to use graphic design software

Add shapes and customise, add shadows and other cool design features, get ready for layering more images or adding in text (for offers or messages) if you want.

icons and shape design

Add new new layers and get creative!

creative design software

Add messaging and continue with your design. Save to your own library enabling you to build your own resource of editable branded graphics!

easy graphic designing

But it gets even better, there are hundreds if not thousands of templates in the marketplace where you can purchase to leverage work and skills!

Logo design support

logo designers market place

Browse the market place and access professional designs that you can edit!

graphic design library of characters

or real life photography with editable cations and messaging…

brand messaging templates

Hundreds of opportunities…

design idea templates

or how about applying text effects to really make your logos, memes, banners and web graphics stand out?

text effects logo design software

Apply sketch or limitless colours or effects.

Amazing library of text effects

wood text effect logo design

and edit with click, point, drag, and drop! The creative marketplace is growing fast, but remember with the base $37 Laughing Bird software you can create amazing graphics!

Laughing Bird logo design templates

There are hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of available ideas and variants of logo templates and designs at hand!

logo design process

Watch the video below for an insight for how easy it is to design a logo and business card for you or your client.

If you want to design logos for other people then you can potentially use this software for your Fiverr gigs and other freelancing jobs. Designing a logo can take seconds and you’ll be able to provide the logos in a range of file formats, charge, or provide edit support.

Fiverr logo design

sell logo design services

Fiverr gigs can run at £30, £40, £60, or even £100+ for a logo design. But this could just take you minutes to complete and win customers for life that will also come back to you for banners, memes, animations, and more! Below is a £67.34 gig example!

fast logo design software opportunities

We’re not saying in any way that the logo/mascot was designed by using this software but you may notice similarities to the use of a flat 2D image and text.

Laughing Bird mascot design

Mascots are hard to design but easy with Laughing Bird design software. Designers used to cry before this but now designing can be fast, low cost, and provide a whole library of pre-designed graphics to get you started.

marketing mascots design

Hi-res format use for all sorts of situations! get that ‘hand drawn’ look but all ready to go.

hi res mascot design

Only you imagination will limit you to what you can do…

mascot designer library

Blog design graphics

Use the software specifically to help support and promote your blog (or your client’s blogs) with headers and banners! Watch the video below 🙂

Creating outstanding blog graphics to engage your audience. Your readers will be impressed and it’s all created by click, drag, drop editing adding your headline and messages into a text editor.

Blog publishing graphics

YouTube Channel design

We all love YouTube and you may have noticed that YouTube audiences engage well with high-impact messaging. Laughing Bird provides you with this style and also a range of templates to use!

Here’s an example of YouTube designs you might have seen? They use simple layers and a professional font that is appropriate for the audience.

mr beast YouTube design

Now to be clear, we’re not saying Mr. Beast uses this software, but you can get a similar output in less than a minute by using Laughing Bird.

Again, the software is $37 (on top of the main software)

YouTube marketing branding software

You can use the features to brand your own YT channel as well!

YouTube channel branding design

But there is more, you can apply cartoon and pop art options also!

Comic and Pop Art design

comic art design

Apply the library elements to make complex comic pop art designs in seconds.

pop art design theme

Combine photography with comic art to make bespoke designs for YouTube graphics, social media memes, web banners are more.

Social media meme design

You’ll be able to make simple designs like this for adsense publishing to creating amazing logo designs.

funny cat design

Buy Laughing Bird logo design

Go check our Laughing Bird logo design software, you may find that not only does it provide you with the perfect design tooling but also the right options for services or functions you can use.

Visit Laughing Bird logo design software

The cost of the software is currently $37 and then starts from $27 if you would like further specialist pre-designed libraries. Remember, you can start as fast or as slow as you like there are no monthly costs.