If we were about to build a website. 
If we were going to start an SEO campaign.
If we were to start a PPC campaign.

…before we would do anything…we would open up our SpyFu account and review what competitors were doing, then make decisions based on data.

Only when we knew the ad spend of our competitors, how long their ads had been running, their daily budget, which pages were being used for ads, the best converting ads, most profitable SEO keywords, and their best ranking organic keywords would we begin to even think about designing a new website or campaign.

SpyFu is one of the best-kept secrets, it can be white-labeled (client report rebranding) and amaze clients or be used to dissect the competition with well thought out traffic-generating campaigns before they knew even what hit them.

Explore SpyFu for SEO ROI and PPC ROI here or continue reading for more information.

  • If you want to know the ad spend of competitors
  • If you need PPC analytic competitor information
  • If you want to build backlinks
  • If you need SEO analytic competitor information
  • If you want a white label solution

Then SpyFu is likely going to be of strong interest to you, after all, it was made for digital agencies, marketing departments, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

What is ROI

R.O.I means “Return on Investment”

It’s what you are going to start thinking about when you open a new business or if you are providing services to clients the killer question that can make or break the account.

PPC research

If you had knew a competitors Google ads activity; such as which ads where converting, what keywords had the most spend applied, how long an ad had been running etc, how do you think it might influence your or your clients campaigns?

We’d love to show you more here. But it would be unfair to jeopardise a companies PPC account by displaying their cost per click online.

Below is a snap shot of just one ad, the share of voice, CPC and ad roll length. You’ll have substantial access to ads, campaigns, cpcs and budgets.

Recommended digital

We recommend setting up a monthly account with SpyFu, it costs just $39 per month (if you prefer no contract and want to go month to month).

Client ROI

How much would a client want to know how much his or her competitors are paying for their clicks and to have insights to their keywords?

$50, $100, $200, $1000? per month.

Spy Fu is used by many agencies and freelancers as part or the leading role of their digital marketing service. If you have clients in the USA or the UK then this SaaS service may help you not only retain but grow your clients as it can help prove up :

  • ad budget evidence and insights
  • traffic opportunities for keywords
  • test, measure, scale campaigns

SpyFu pricing starta from just $39 per month, we think it’s a no brainer.

Recommended digital

Recommended digital

Choose custom branding option (professional) if you have clients or need to present figures and data internally and want to rebrand data. You can see all prices online here .


ROI adgroups

  • Quickly create ad groups with PPC grouping ad suggestions
  • Filter by specific words to create tightly controlled ad groups
  • Sort by cost per click to discover quick wins. low hanging fruits
  • Export your ad groups to CSV and share them with your team or clients


Ever been told that it’s ‘hard to calculate a ROI from SEO”?
We have, but that was before using SpyFU.

The problem with SEO ROI calculations is that you need to know many factors like :

– how much traffic is there for a target keyword
– how many websites have held the top position
– how much PPC advertising will my SEO ranking compete against
– what content ranked for that SEO keyword historically

SpyFu helps solve the mystery with its SEO research and Ranking history tools.


ROI advice

What most PPC executives need is a team to talk things through or a sounding board to help provide direction or a starting point.

If you’ve been in a situation where you needed to check if you were right before committing client ad budget or wanted insights to PPC ad spends before starting a campaign then you could have benefited from SpyFu’s instant advice tool.

What most SEO executives need is access to competitor and keyword data to make decisions against and understand how stable a keyword is should it be targeted.

Unfortunately Google does not provide much in the way to help the poor SEO executive these days. SpyFu can help fill in the gaps and provide inside intel to the competitors activity.

Instant ROI advice

PPC ROI bid information

We like Google quite a bit, but all things being told, it’s important to be mindful that Google is an advertising network, designed to sell ad space.

Knowing how much your competitors are bidding for clicks rather than being told by Google how much to spend is quite literally a game changer.

  • Take action where it matters most
  • Personalised analysis, quick and instant answers
  • Build your results in just two steps

ROI keyword planner

Google keyword planner is quite a useful tool we are sure you’ll agree. It’s free, provides quick answers and useful insights. SpyFu think (and we agree) that their ROI keyword planner is so much more powerful though.

Keyword planner for ROI

Filter data by cost, search volume and longtail options. Find competitive and profitable keywords. SpyFu say their ROI keyword planner is substantially better than Google.

We have to highlight SpyFu they benefit from less restrictions than Google, they share different data; this is much more useful for ROI calculations and forecasting traffic to CPC to conversion.

ROI keyword planner

Keywords and ROI

If only you could know which websites ranked for ‘what’ keywords ‘when’, that would be an amazing tool especially when you need to consider who competitive keyword really is!

SpyFu does just that.

Discover Keyword SEO longevity

  • Compare multiple domains and pages on a single keyword
  • Track blog pages to product page’s rankings
  • Filter important groups
  • Find newcomers
  • Find long term advertisers with profitable keywords

Learn more about SpyFu

There is simply too much to cover or to do justice to SpyFu. We recommend you visit their website at www.spyfu.com and see how the service can benefit your business or give your clients an advantage.

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