It’s estimated about 15% of Twitter accounts are managed by bots and over 24% of tweets on Twitter originate from them.

Using technology to leverage your time and expand your share of voice makes sense in this noisy fast moving platform.

Who are you?
Vanity : posting all social media manually
Sanity : using A.I. (artificial Intelligence)

Here’s our recommendation


Tweet Full

A growth hacking tool helping to grow your Twitter account and reach new audiences. It’s been around for quite some time as a proven social marketing tool but as yet is not widely known.

Service pricing starts from just $15 per month. Sign up here.

Tweet Full growth hacking

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Twitter leads convert well as the platform provides a finite amount of information before a user needs to click for further information, to sign up for an offer or has to make a decision to retweet, follow etc.

How Tweet Full works

  1. Tell Tweet Full some keywords, #Hashtags and phrases used by your sector, industry or peers.
  2. The Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) based engine then searches for potential customers who are looking for products and services just like yours.
  3. Tweet Full then engages potential customers or leads by auto liking and auto retweeting their tweets using yourTwitter account.
  4. There are options for follows as well.
  5. Simple!

Twitter lead generation

After Tweet Full engages customers, prospects or suspects on your behalf, a number of them will want to find more information about your service or product, some will engage directly, others will convert to website traffic, newsletters sign ups, sales, downloads etc.

Imagine the amount of activity that can be generated on auto…. a game changer and all automated without your intervention.

Twitter B2B lead generation

Tweet Full pricing

TweetFull pricing

Monthly pricing starts from $15. Gain access to :

  • Keyword Promotions
  • Competitor Promotions
  • Unfollow Promotions
  • 500 likes per day
  • 500 RTs a day
  • 1000 Follows a day
  • Auto unlike and unfollow
  • 5,500 6,000 new Followers / month 
  • Open an account here

Are you ready for a growth hacking AI marathon relentlessly finding you new prospects, customers, leads as they appear for your keywords?

Twitter AI engine

TweetFull AI

Powerful tools at your fingertips for :

Copying Followers
If you want to follow your competitors’ followers you can create a “Copy Followers” promotion this means you can laser target conversations making your hyper relevant.

Engage tweets with keywords
Engage with people who tweet specified keywords and hashtags of your choice. This is a game changer alert! We’re repeat this so you don’t miss it -engage Twitter uses on auto that have used your specified keywords and/or hashtags

Here’s an example of how that would work.
You are a SEO expert
A twitter User tweets about their new website launch
Follow them and tweet on auto

Here’s another example
You are a window cleaner
Twitter User tweets about moving into their new house
Follow them and tweet on auto

If you think about who your customers are, why and when they’ll use your service you’ll be able to create killer campaigns positioning your business at the right time, right place with the right messaging,

With Unfollow promotion you can unfollow the unworthy ones on auto! This keeps your account in good health and positions your business as a growing authority.

Social Signals
Social signals are an important SEO factor and if website rankings are also part of your interest this tool can indirectly help.

Large search engines expect authority websites to have ‘real’ people using their services, products and engaging with the brand or company.

Leveraging your time through Tweet Full helps your account bring in a steady, predictable growth day by day, week by week, month by month.

Social Signals
“and they are becoming increasingly important from an SEO perspective”

Tweet Full account

TweetFull account

Visit Tweet Full to start growing your Twitter lead generation and branding marketing.