We highly recommend SEOPressor for its contribution to WordPress SEO and web content standards since 2010.


SEOPressor is SEO for WordPress

SEO means Search Engine Optimisation.

Put simply, this is the means of ensuring your website and webpages can be accessed by search engines and the process of prioritising text, images, and code to suggest your content is relevant and should be seen highly in search engine ranking results.

SEOPressor is a WordPress Plugin helping webmasters, content writers, SEO managers and anyone enhance their web content for better readability and search engine performance.

At just $9 per month SEOPressor is a tool that probably every WP website will benefit from. Click here to visit SEOPressor.

what SEOPressor does

If you have not heard of SEOPressor that’s quite alright. When it launched it was a very big deal, there was little on the market at that time that could compare, one could even say that it helps bring conversion and ranking analytics in the mainstream WP community.

SEOPressor dashboard

Think of SEOPressor as a mini web audit, thats giving you feedback as your write new digital content.

  • Write new web pages and blog posts, SEOPressor will give you advice and instruction before you publish your new content
  • Tells you about missing code such as meta, titles, and more… giving you better chances of ranking for keywords and phrases
  • Marks your content from 1/100. No matter what your level of SEO you’ll be able to make improvements to your digital content

Revolutionary Google emulating ‘On Page’ SEO analysis

SEOPressor’s algorithm is formulated based on semantic big data analysis of more than 3 billion rows of data.

SEOPressor for WordPress

Wordcount, readability, density

SEOPressor takes the lead to get you results focusing on :

  • A webpage with well-focused theme tends to rank better on search engines. Increase and extend your digital content’s thematic signals for improved search ranking by optimising results. Optimise for 3 keywords per webpage.
  • SEOPressor provides you with systemised, prioritised, and actionable suggestions so you know exactly what to do next before you publish or edit webpages.
  • SEOPressor measures your website’s semantic quality with a proprietary semantic analytic called SemantiQ™ Engine. Calculating and measuring your website’s data suggests how to change signals for closer aligned search engine interpretation to your commercial goals.
  • Improving the markup of your website enables search engines to categorise your website for better results to your goals. With better categorisation, your website is more likely to achieve search ranking in the age of Internet of Things (IoT), device and proximate led search engine rankings.

SEO Tricks

There are no SEO tricks here. Sorry. If you read this expecting to see a shiny magic bullet this is not for you. SEOPressor has 10 years commercial experience is simply one of the :

  • most affordable SEO tool for WordPress website
  • delivers clear instructions for webmasters
  • able to implement by nearly any person with no technical skills
  • think of SEOPressor as a mini audit tool in real-time
  • provides you with web trends advice and actions
  • scores your website

In summary, the software is :

  • a plugin you upload by click, point, unzip
  • read the instructions and support
  • start reading the edit suggestions and implement
  • publish your changes and new content
  • $9 per month

SEO resources

SEO Resources

If you decide to try the plugin, you’ll be supported with tutorials, online courses and a knowledge vault. Amazing value for money.

SEOPressor pricing

If you would like to try the SEOPressor plugin it is provided via a licence, you can buy or find out more by clicking this link here or the image below.

SEOPressor plugin